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Pick the Perfect Automation Solution for Your Injection Molding Process

We have proudly partnered with ARI to bring you a wide range of solutions to help with your injection molding automation. Look through the products below or visit ARI's website for more information.

Sprue Pickers

X and XW Sprue Pickers

Our sprue pickers are one of our most popular products and we have plenty in stock and ready for delivery. Suitable on machines from 100-380 tons, these pickers are available in single stage or telescoping vertical arm.

Control your pneumatic sprue picker with our large backlit LCD controller. Choose from pre-programmed sequences or easily build and save your own custom program. Simple enough to control, but the complexity to get the job done right.

Small Servo Robot

Our small servo robots feature a reliable, rigid design. The design compliments their flexible software suppressed vibrations. This allows our small servo robots maximum acceleration with minimum vibration.

All our small servo robots feature high precision linear guide systems. They utilize hardened steel rails and Bosch Rexroth bearings as well. This allows enhanced motion and repeatability. These robots are ideal for high speed applications.

Full Servo up to 1600 Ton

CNC Frame – Full Servo Robot

Our MaxBW series are full servo robots capable of operating on machines up to 1600 tons. With a telescoping vertical stroke from 1300-2000mm, the MaxBW is suitable for a wide range of molding machines.

Full Servo up to 3300 Ton

Payload Capacity 22 – 132 pounds

The Absolute Robot MaxCW-Series of robots are easy to program and ideal for tall parts removal, inserting, palletizing or stacking. The lightweight and ergonomic handheld controller allows the operator to easily create a customized programs with 4 spare input and 4 spare outputs standard which also allows the robot to be easily integrated with other auxiliary equipment.

ARI Conveyors

ARI’s conveyors are engineered to increase our customer’s productivity without going over budget. Easy to assemble and operate these conveyors come standard with variable drives with indexing.

In-Mold Labeling

IML (In-Mold Labeling) utilizes the special feeding system to put the flat label into the mold cavity by the principle of electrostatic or vacuum adsorption. The material of the label is the same as that of the plastics products. The label will fit closely together to the product after the injection. As a result, this technique will avoid a series of processes such as printing and pasting for shape plastic products, and solve the technical challenges in printing on multi surfaces and special-shaped surface. It is effective to prevent contamination of the product in post-production, shorten the production cycle and reduce the cost, and provide technical support for product quality and safety.