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Bunting® is a leading manufacturer of magnetic technology. Our products can help protect your equipment from costly repairs on your blow molding, injection molding, extrusion and compounding equipment. Look through the products below or visit Bunting's website for more information.

FF Series Drawer Magnets

For over 50 years our FF series drawer magnets have been known for their ability to deliver superior magnetic separation. Whether working in injection, extrusion recycling or blow molding we can provide a product to meet your requirements.

QuickTron 03R Gravity Free-Fall Metal Detectors

Provides consistent performance in demanding applications. Low cost triple coil separator offers superior sensitivity, simplicity, and reliability. Removes both ferrous and nonferrous metal.

Machine Mounted All Metal Separators

Last chance metal separator to be mounted on an injection molding machine or extruder feed throat. Removes both ferrous and nonferrous metal.

Duplex Separator

FF series drawer magnet and HS metal detector working in tandem. The drawer magnet traps a large amount of ferrous material. The HS detector rejects both ferrous and nonferrous metals virtually eliminating all tramp metal.