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Injection Molding Machinery

We have proudly partnered with Absolute Haitian to bring you a wide range of injection molding machinery solutions. Look through the products below or visit Absolute Haitian's website for more information.

Haitian Mars IIS Series

Haitian’s Mars Series was launched in 2006 and quickly became the World’s best-selling model of injection molding machine with 28,000 sold in 2018 and 230,000 in its history. The success of the Mars is due to its energy savings and unmatched price to performance ratio.

The newest generation of Mars, the “IIS” comes with variety of upgrades that further reduce cycle times, improve efficiency and repeatability. The Mars large sales volume results in a streamlined production environment that directly benefits our customers with short lead times and availability.

Haitian Jupiter III Series

The Haitian JU III Series was developed based on Haitian’s extensive experience and research and development of two-platen solutions over the past two decades. Significant improvements have been made to the previous machine generation to provide more advantages for many different molding applications.

As a product with Technology to the Point, the new generation of the Haitian Jupiter Series provides a wide variety of combination possibilities in a compact footprint, which maximizes the usable space of the plants to the customers’ benefit. No matter large parts such as trash bins and logistics boxes, or high-precision automotive parts and high-tech parts with high surface quality such as white goods, JU III Series provides the best solution for customers.

Haitian Iapetus II Series

Serving as an industrial leader and a technical pioneer in the field of plastic injection molding machines, Haitian started to research and develop multi-component injection molding machines in the early 1990s. Today, they are one of the market leaders for multi-component machines of all varieties.

Zhafir Zeres Series

One of the fastest growing machines in the world, the Zeres series provides customers with the benefits of an all-electric molding machine without the costly price tag and limited functionality. The Zeres has all-electric movements for the clamp and injection, but uses integrated hydraulics for cores, ejectors and pull-in cylinders.

The Zeres is ideal for a wide-range of applications due to its high-precision, repeatability and efficiency. Equipped with a powerful Sigmatek control that allows customers to tweak their process to maximize profitability.

Zhafir Venus Series

Zhafir’s Venus machine has made a significant impact on the molding industry since its release back in 2006. The all-electric design is well suited for clean room environments, high-speed and high-precision processes. Available in multiple variations like the “Venus p”, “Venus h”, and “Venus hs”, this all-electric molding machine has been optimized to fit your process requirements.

Utilizing Haitian’s unmatched manufacturing capabilities, the Venus gives customers the first-class precision they expect from an all-electric with an unbeatable price to performance ratio. The Venus is available from 400 to 8,000 kN (44 to 899 US Tons) and has a powerful Sigmatek controller.

Zhafir Jenius Series

The Zhafir Jenius Series (JE) combines the Jupiter’s space saving two-platen technology with the high precision electric injection unit of a Zeres. Ideal for medium to large tonnage molders that have high quality standards. Using Haitian’s innovative modular machine design, the Jenius allows for a wide range of injection + clamp unit combinations.

The powerful Sigmatek control paired with the electric injection unit gives customers many different options for adjusting and improving their process. As the demand for large tonnage electric machines continues to increase, the Jenius continues to prove itself as the perfect fit for the automotive and white goods industries.