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Modular Conveyors

We have proudly partnered with DynaCon Modular Conveyors to bring you a wide range of modular conveyor solutions. Look through the products below or visit DynaCon's website for more information.

Z Conveyors and Vertical Conveyors

DynaCon conveyors can be configured using modules with angles ranging from 30 to 90 degrees, to create the incline and decline needed to build Z conveyors and vertical conveyors. DynaCon modular conveyors give you the ability to build incline conveyors that come up and over with one continuous belt.

Horizontal Conveyors

DynaCon horizontal conveyors are designed and built using plastic modules that allow for reconfiguration whenever change is needed. It’s easy to lengthen, shorten or add an angle to the conveyor system in just minutes.

Angled Incline Conveyors

DynaCon incline conveyor systems can be designed and built using angles ranging from 30o to 90o . The portable incline conveyor modules can be configured to create just the right angle to get your parts where they need to be.

Lateral Turn Conveyors

Radius turn custom conveyor systems feature plastic sides to make the required lateral turns (from 5o to 180o). Radius turn modules easily connect to standard conveyor modules, including incline/decline modules, to build one conveyor with continuous belt flow.